The Wireless Guide to Summer Fun

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As we celebrate the first day of summer, we look back to the time before wireless. We often think about the timeless parts of summer that have not changed since we were kids. But it’s hard to ignore how much wireless has expanded the possibilities of summer fun! We’ve compiled some of our favorite apps and devices that will make your summer even better.

Summer Cooking

We love grilling out all summer long, and wireless gives us access to endless possibilities for amazing summer meals.

  • MealBoard: is a menu planning app that helps you create weekly menus and assists in building your grocery shopping list. The app even connects to your preferred grocery store to show you prices for the items you will need. This app will allow for more time in the pool, and less time worrying about what to cook.
  • Alexa/Google Home/Apple Homepod: provides grilling and cooking recipes. No need to run to the store to buy cookbooks, just ask what to make for dinner and enjoy more time outside with the family!

Travel Agents

Remember a time when travel agents were required to book a summer vacation? Wireless and travel apps have revolutionized summer travel.

  • Skyscanner: this app provides a calendar view of the cheapest times to fly to help you get the best deals on flights.
  • Hopperthis app scans flights to find you deals, and it alerts you when it is the best time to purchase tickets. According to Hopper, this app can save you up to 40% off. That sure makes for a great summer.
  • HotelTonight: this app searches for last minute hotel deals to find you the best rate on high end hotels. Unlike other last-minute hotel deals, this app allows you to know the name of the hotel you are selecting.

Are we there yet?

Summer travel is hot and can dampen a family vacation.  New ways to use wireless can make your summer travel better.

  • Tablets: whether traveling by plane, car, train, or boat, tablets have allowed family vacation to be more enjoyable. No more fighting over what video to watch. Now each child can choose their own show.
  • Waze: this app can help you avoid traffic. Less time in a hot car, more time enjoying summer. (And if you are stuck in a car, we’ve got some good tips for that too.)
  • Tickets: can now be upload boarding passes to your phone to skip the hassle of checking in at the airport. Eliminating the stress of forgetting your boarding pass and waiting in lines. Smartphones and paperless tickets, a perfect summer combination.

Happy First Day of Summer!

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