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Life happens wirelessly

Odds are you’re reading this on your cellphone. Our cellphones connect us to our favorite apps, work, emergency services, our closest friends, and family members. That’s why wireless access is more important than ever. From spectrum, broadband infrastructure, and a national privacy law to lowering wireless fees and closing the digital divide, ACTwireless helps Americans tell lawmakers why sensible wireless policies are so important.

What part of your life is wireless? Your work? Your hobbies? Your family? Your health services?

The best way to show lawmakers why wireless matters is to share your story. Tell your elected officials why you care about keeping connected to work, family, and more on your wireless devices. See what Americans across the country have to say about wireless.

  • Family is wireless.

    Nanci & Maria’s Story

    8 siblings. 1 text thread. Nanci & Maria share life’s most important moments on a single text thread that lasted for several years.

    Through this text thread, you can tell—our heart is out there. You can feel it in how people react to a comment or a question… It’s just a very positive and simple way to stay connected.”

  • Hope is wireless.

    Vivian’s Story

    What is the first thing you do in a crisis? You pick up your phone to call for help. That’s why access to wireless matters to Vivian. When Vivian was confronted with a medical emergency, wireless technology kept her connected when she needed it the most.

    The cell phone is there… if I need a neighbor… to come… to help. It’s a godsend.”

  • Growing up is wireless.

    Julie’s Story

    Our office and our home live on our wireless devices. When Julie needed to offer counseling to her students removeley, or wanted to share special family moments from afar, wireless helped her stay connected to family and work.

    …All of those things — it enriches our lives. That’s what wireless does. It enriches my life.”

What important moment in your life was made possible thanks to your wireless device?

Whether it’s a FaceTime that made us smile, a phone call that changed our lives, or a text message that kept us connected, we all have a reason why wireless matters. Share with us how wireless has made a difference in your life.

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