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  • Women's hand holding smartphone with blue waves floating above the surface

    Wireless data runs on licensed spectrum. Congress must act and create a pipeline of spectrum that can support wireless demand.

  • Hands typing on smartphone screen with 5G signals floating above

    5G is bringing faster speeds across America. Congress must act to create a spectrum pipeline that paves the way for 5G technology innovation.

  • Couple sitting on couch looking at documents

    In many states, taxes and fees on wireless service are excessive. Governments need to act to reduce discriminatory taxes on wireless consumers.

  • Man holding phone that says the word privacy on the screen.

    Without a national privacy law, states across the country have introduced their own legislation, creating a confusing patchwork of inconsistent laws.

  • two young children sitting at desk in classroom looking at tablet
    Digital Divide

    Wireless is an important key to solving the digital divide. Lawmakers should enact policy addresses accessibility and affordability gaps.

  • Woman looking at phone that has an unknown caller ID

    While some robocalls might be helpful, like from your child’s school or your doctor’s office, others are just SPAM. Here are a few helpful tips to stop those intrusive rings.

  • Man's hand holding up smartphone with the number 911 on the screen
    911 Fees

    Policymakers must protect 911 funds to ensure they are used for their designated purpose: helping keep citizens safe.

  • Digital Goods

    Digital goods are part of our daily lives. Congress must act to prevent digital goods from being subjected to multiple and discriminatory taxes.

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