Women's hand holding smartphone with blue waves floating above the surface


Wireless data runs on licensed spectrum. Congress must act and create a pipeline of spectrum that can support wireless demand.

Invisible waves, or spectrum, enable a wireless device to send and receive information instantly—and there’s a finite amount of it.

Demand for wireless products and services, such as streaming video, is increasingly putting a strain on the spectrum currently available. Simply put, we need spectrum pipeline to support the increased demand for spectrum and mobile data, and to unleash the full potential of 5G.


Securing additional and repurposed spectrum is critical to providing us with the enhanced quality of service that 5G technology promises.

What We Want

The U.S. needs a long-term spectrum plan to support our data use today and the wireless innovations of the future. Congress should set a timeline for auctioning a series of 5G spectrum bands to create a spectrum pipeline, and the FCC should follow through on identifying and making available additional spectrum bands.