Wireless Creates Innovative Healthcare Solutions

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Wireless is positively impacting the world, increasing access to and expanding the capabilities of telehealth. This approach to healthcare leverages wireless to connect Americans to their doctors wherever they are. Beyond just virtual care, additional innovative wireless technology is helping keep people of all ages, demographics, and geography well. Solutions like smart pill dispensers which remind patients to take their medications have revolutionized previously perceived limits to care.

5G Powers Smart Pill Dispensers: Through the Internet of Things (IoT), wireless devices efficiently connect and share information. Smart pill dispensers use this 5G technology to give patients the appropriate dose of medicine at the right time through sound, light, and text alerts. Once alerted, flipping the device upside down provides access to the medication and allows the technology to register the dose has been taken, stopping the scheduled alert. If a dose is missed, the smart dispenser can also trigger an automated text to a family member, friend, or care professional for intervention.

Wireless Enhances Patient Care: 5G’s fast speeds and IoT technology enable devices to communicate with each other, delivering timely and precise information. This allows healthcare professionals to make even more informed decisions and deliver personalized care, improving patient outcomes. As technology evolves, wireless will continue to positively impact Americans across the country, whether it be improving healthcare, increasing access to education, or providing connectivity to loved ones near and far.

Smart technology provides health data and results faster than ever before. Lifesaving devices like pacemakers and insulin pumps contain sensors that can measure vitals, such as heart rate and blood sugar levels in an instant. Now, when irregularities arise, patients and their healthcare providers can act immediately. Shortening response times and detecting changes before a health crisis can be a differentiator in outcomes. The sophistication and effectiveness of our healthcare has improved drastically over time, and thanks to wireless technology, we’re getting even better at making people feel better.