Summer Travel is Made Easier with Wireless

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Summer is here, which means many are preparing to hit the roads and airports for upcoming travel plans. In fact, nearly 82% of all American adults intend to travel this summer! To ensure your much deserved vacation is as enjoyable as possible, we’ve put together the wireless apps you’ll need as you get ready for your next trip.

Prepare for your trip: Gone are the days of misplacing your paper boarding pass, now all you have to remember is your wireless device. Before heading to the airport, use your Apple Wallet or download the Google Wallet app to easily access your mobile boarding pass. If you’re road tripping, have Gas Buddy at the tip of your fingers, which will help find the best gas prices in your area, no matter where that may be.

Get ready for take-off: Be sure to download your favorite movies or TV shows for in-flight entertainment. Streaming services make this easy via their mobile apps. If reading is more your speed, diving into your next book has never been easier, just download e-reader apps, such as Audible and Amazon Kindle.

Plan your itinerary: We know that the most exciting part of any trip is what you have planned when you get there. Planning to adventure outdoors? Download apps like AllTrails to find everything from hiking and mountain biking to rock climbing and paddle sports in your destination. If you’re looking for a travel guide, you can use services like Get Your Guide to buy tickets to popular tours and must see attractions. And for the foodies out there, apps like Open Table help you discover local cuisine and make reservations from the ease of the app.

Never miss a word: Exploring new cultures and interacting with locals can be enriching, but language barriers can sometimes pose a challenge. Language translation apps such as Google Translate, iTranslate, and Microsoft Translator help bridge the communication gap. They can translate text, voice, and even images, enabling you to understand and be understood in different languages. These apps are invaluable when ordering food, asking for directions, or engaging in conversations with locals.

Capture the moment: Capturing and preserving your summer travel memories is a must. Travel photography apps like VSCO, Snapseed, and Adobe Lightroom offer a range of editing tools to enhance your photos and make them Instagram-worthy. These apps allow you to adjust brightness, saturation, and sharpness, apply filters, and even remove unwanted objects. With their user-friendly interfaces and creative features, these apps can transform your ordinary travel snapshots into stunning visual mementos.

Get wireless help on the go: Wireless carriers can enhance your international travel by offering international SIM cards that can ensure cost-effective communication while abroad. Before buying a SIM card, some countries may be included in your current plan, so it’s always good to check. Additionally, some carriers work with insurance companies to offer travel insurance packages that protect travelers from unexpected loss, theft, or damage to their smartphones. This coverage can provide additional peace of mind during summer travel.

Summer travel should be a time of joy and adventure, not stress and confusion. By leveraging the power of mobile, you can streamline your travel planning, navigate new destinations seamlessly, communicate effectively, manage expenses efficiently, and capture unforgettable moments with ease. So, before you embark on your next summer getaway, don’t forget to equip your smartphone with these essential travel apps, and make your travel experience fun, convenient, and truly unforgettable. Happy travels!