4 Reasons People Actually LOVE Memorial Day Traffic

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It’s happening—you’re stuck on the interstate trying to get out of town for Memorial Day weekend. You knew it was inevitable. You told yourself to leave earlier, you told yourself this year would be different and you’d get to your destination without all this mess, but here you are.

Never fear, we’ve got you covered on how to get through Memorial Day traffic.

  • Music: If the tunes from the car radio are not your jam, then apps like Pandora, iTunes, and Spotify can stream whatever you’re looking for.
  • Video: If you’re the passenger on a long road trip, YouTube, Netflix, and Hulu can be your best friend and help kill a few hours. If you’re looking to really up your entertainment factor, check out Oculus Go, an all-in-one VR headset you can take on the go!
  • Books: Luckily if you forgot to pack your book or e-reader, the Amazon Kindle app lets you read from your phone. If you’re the driver, you can still catch up on the plot through apps like Audible. You can also now download the famous Alexa to work with your home button and do everything from read books while stuck in traffic, which can do awesome things like help you find the nearest restaurant.

Still stuck in traffic and want a way around it? Apps like Waze, Google Maps, and MapQuest are good options.

One other tip!

You can always chat with your car-mates about the future of wireless, which can get us all through traffic much faster with vehicle-to-vehicle communication. Ford estimates that self-driving vehicles, one of the key innovations generated by next-generation wireless technology, can save 37.5% in travel times and reduce delays by 20%. Learn more here.