6 Tips to Beat the Heat this Summer

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With summer in full swing, so are the seemingly endless days of record heat. But, you can still have fun and stay cool this summer— all available from your smartphone or tablet. Here are 6 ways that you can enjoy your summer while avoiding the heat:

  • Book a private pool for a few hours: Nothing beats spending a hot summer day by the pool. Thanks to programs like Swimply, you can book a local, private pool by the hour—right from your smartphone or tablet.
  • Use a smartphone fan: For the days that you can’t avoid the heat, break out a portable smartphone fan. This gadget will plug into your phone or tablet, helping you to beat the heat in style.
  • Order ice cream through a food delivery app: Enjoy a sweet treat while staying cool by ordering ice cream through a food delivery service like Doordash or Uber Eats. All you need to do is download the app onto your smartphone and order. Just like that your ice cream will be brought right to your door. No exposure to the heat required!
  • Escape to faraway lands: Feeling stuck in your house but don’t want to venture out into the heat? Escape to faraway lands—virtually— with the help of two Oculus Go apps. The apps were designed as a way to relax and see the world without needing to leave your home. Simply put on a virtual reality headset, launch your favorite of the Oculus Go apps, and escape to another part of the world!
  • Set-up your phone’s medical ID: If you do decide to venture out into the heat, be sure to have your Medical ID set-up on your phone in the case of an emergency. Medical ID’s allow first responders to quickly provide critical care. Medical ID apps can display emergency contacts, allergies, and blood types on a locked screen in an emergency scenario.
  • What’s cooler than a smart home?: The options to connect your home are endless. With heating and cooling comprising nearly half of a home’s energy use what’s better than air conditioning efficiency using sensors to stay cool, reduce the cost of electricity and alleviate the impact on the environment!

There are countless ways to make the most of the summer, while limiting your exposure to the heat. Wireless provides you the opportunity to make lasting memories with the ones you love from the comfort of your home.