Wireless Policy 2021: 3 Things to Expect This Year

5G, Privacy, Taxes

It’s a new year, but we have the same need: dependable wireless that keeps us connected to our work, schools, families, healthcare, and beyond. While last year presented challenges unlike any other, wireless was there to help us power through the most uncertain times. In order to keep wireless reliable, affordable, and secure this year, we are telling policymakers to keep these three things in mind in 2021:

Now Is Not the Time to Increase Wireless Taxes

As states begin to face revenue shortfalls, politicians are looking to tax your wireless even more! Increasing taxes will place a high burden on those who are least able to afford it, including seniors, minority communities, low-income families, and small businesses. Wireless taxes and fees are already high (check your state’s taxes and fees rate here) and continue to rise much faster than taxes on other goods and services. We need to keep wireless affordable so that families don’t have to worry about losing access at a time when they need it the most.

Staying Connected Means Stronger Infrastructure

From video meetings, to calls with family, we rely on wireless to be there. And thanks to 5G, we now have access to faster speeds and enhanced coverage. However, maximizing these capabilities requires new and expanded wireless infrastructure and expanded access to spectrum. In order to keep us connected now and into the future, we need policymakers to support efforts that will allow greater wireless access for all in 2021.

Your Privacy Rights Should Stay With You Wherever You Go

Like your mobile device, you are everywhere all at once. So no matter where you are, your private information should remain private. Unfortunately, some states are attempting to implement a patchwork of inconsistent privacy regulations. This can put you at risk, slow technological innovation, and could even increase your wireless costs! It’s time for a national privacy standard. We need legislators to enact a national framework designed with us in mind so that to protect privacy in 2021.

Your New Year’s resolutions this year may include hopes for happiness and wellness—ours look pretty much the same. We believe happiness is wireless—and people everywhere should have reliable access to it. Thanks to you, we can take a stand for policies that help keep us connected to the people, work, and ideas that empower our world.