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On the Issues




Across the country, many states are introducing legislation to address the nation’s growing concerns about data protection. Unfortunately, a state-by-state approach is a misguided solution that will create a patchwork of inconsistent and confusing policies.

Private information should remain private, even when crossing state lines. We need a national data protection law that protects all Americans equally, provides certainty in consumer protection, and supports the wireless services and devices we rely on daily.

Without a unified, clear, and flexible set of principles that offer consistent privacy protections, we risk a slowdown in technological innovation, and cost increases that could trickle down to our wallets.


Policymakers must ensure that we have one national privacy law that supports data protection for all Americans. Americans deserve to understand their full rights and seamless protection, regardless of where they are located.

What We Want

Congress must enact federal privacy legislation that uniformly approaches data privacy, protects our information equally, and encourages innovation.

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