How much do I pay in wireless taxes?


Wireless taxes, fees, and surcharges make up 22.6% of the national-average bill, “the highest rate ever,” according to a new study from the Tax Foundation, which has been reporting wireless taxes annually since 2013.

For all American wireless consumers this is far too much. For lower income families, many who rely solely on wireless for connectivity, this is severe.

“A cell phone is a lifeline in an emergency and an indispensable tool in daily life and business. For the 67% of low-income households that have no wired phone service at home, the cell phone is the only phone. Yet taxes, fees, and surcharges on cell phone service keep drifting higher,” notes Bloomberg.

So where is the money going?

The report continues: Wireless consumers will pay an estimated $17.5 billion in taxes, fees, and government surcharges to federal, state, and local governments in 2020 based on the tax rates calculated in this report.

How High Are Cell Phone Taxes in Your State?

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