How Do You Protect Your Phone From Cybercriminals? Find out

Wireless 101

What’s one of the first things you do after buying a new phone? You invest in a case that will protect your phone from cracks, water, and most everyday abuse we all put phones through.

But, have you thought about how to keep your phone protected from cybercriminals? It’s a scary world out there, so to protect our personal information, and the information of our contacts, we must ensure our wireless devices are safe from cybercrime.

Now that we have your attention….don’t worry too much, these tips have you covered:

Summertime’s Over, But People Are Still Phishing

Cybercriminals will attempt to get you to respond to suspicious emails, texts, calls, apps, and online ads to breach your device. One way you can fight back: only respond to, and open links from, sources you trust. Don’t know a number? Do not respond and never provide personal information without verifying the source. Block calls from nefarious sources. Delete texts and emails from phishy accounts. Did one of your friends send you an odd-looking email? Contact them on a form of communication you have previously verified, and confirm it’s really them. Follow these tips and you’ll have more time for actual fishing. Read here: How do you avoid a phishing scam?

Let’s do the two-step

We know it can be a pain to use two-step authentication, but it’s worth it to protect your information from falling into the wrong hands if your device is lost or stolen. When you enter your password, you will also have to confirm by text that it’s actually you trying to access the account. Read here: Who has two-step authentication and how do you set it up?

Password: ABC123

Are you still using the same obvious and simple password you picked in middle school? Are you using the same password for all of your accounts? It’s time to bite the bullet and ensure you have sophisticated passwords that are changed regularly, that are not based on your personal information (steer away from anniversaries, birthdays, street names, and the names of family members!), and that you have different passwords for your accounts. Read here: How do you create a strong password?

Free Wi-Fi? Not so fast!

Out and about this summer and trying to save your data? Joining unknown and unsecured Wi-Fi networks is not the answer. We know it’s tempting, but these unsecured networks are targets for cybercriminals. Even if you trust the person who’s Wi-Fi it is, that does not mean they have properly secured their network. When in doubt, stay away. Read here: Why should you really stop using public wi-fi?

Avoid the temptation to put your information and the information of others at risk. Continue to play it safe and smart, and you can stay one step ahead of cybercriminals!