Feel-Good Stories: How Wireless Made a Difference

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Let’s face it. We’ve been through a lot over the past couple of years. Many expected to lose hope. Some assumed we’d be more disjointed. And yet, wireless devices and tech have brought us together in so many ways. Whether we are keeping in touch with loved ones, or finding ways to stay motivated, wireless helps us feel closer even when we are miles apart. Here are your stories on how wireless made a difference:

“Because of my medical condition, I can’t travel. I thought I couldn’t go to my daughter’s wedding this year. Then I got a video call on the morning of her wedding, thinking it was her. It was her husband. He arranged a tablet in the front seat and I got to watch the whole ceremony. Her friends passed the tablet around so I could watch her walk down the aisle and see the vows. They saved a place for me at the table during reception. I was right there. Even though the ceremony was thousands of miles away. I am crying just remembering that day. It was the happiest day of my life. And it would not have happened without wireless.”
—Jennifer, New York
“I would be lost without my phone and service. I can go on social media and see my children their families. My 10 siblings, nieces, and nephews. I log on for work and get a $10 bonus toward my phone bill. The different apps available let’s one do so many things. From looking for a job to reading my bible…I love that we live in a day and age where cellphones are so affordable.”
—Joanne, California
“Now more than ever wireless is crucial for our elderly and disabled. Whether it be they need to visibly see family and friends to go on with daily life, telemedicine with doctors… or just to talk to someone. Wireless is so crucial. As a disabled person… I needed my tablet to stay in touch for birthdays, family crises, and graduation. If it weren’t for technology in this day and age, who knows where mankind would be. Thank you wireless technology, we couldn’t do it without you!”
—Crystal, Alaska
“Wireless has brought me and my dad closer by being able to email each other and FaceTime one another because he lives in another state. Relying on consistent wireless service is extremely important to me because talking to my dad assures me that he is doing okay and he is able to see me.”
—Keziah, North Carolina
“In the past year, I have been dealing with many medical problems! Bladder cancer, torn rotator cuffs, and a broken back! I depend on wireless to keep up with doctors appointments and family and friends. I depend on them for help. Without wireless I would be in deep trouble! They pump me up and inspire me to keep fighting!”
—William, Florida


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