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Your Stories


We believe in living life with no strings attached. We rely on wireless to connect with family, friends, work, health, and more. That’s why legislation that affects broadband, wireless infrastructure, privacy, and the digital divide is more important than ever. Here are some of your stories:

Love is wireless

I would be lost without my phone and service. I can go on social media and see my children their families, which keeps me connected with the people I love most – including my 10 siblings and many nieces and nephews. I can also apply to jobs remotely and read my bible app. I love that we live in a day and age where cell phone are so affordable.
- Joanne R., Beaumont, CA

Healthcare is wireless

In the beginning, being connected was more of a pleasure than a necessity, but with the changes in our lives in every area now days it has become almost crucial. With time, my health has also changed, so wireless connections are the utmost importance for my safety and security, as well as accessing medical records and keeping in touch with doctors.
- Carrie M., Prattville, AL

Friendship is wireless

For me, wireless is not so much connecting with old friends as it is with new ones. I recently became a volunteer for an organization who helps others emotionally and socially via phone communication. There are many elderly people and even younger people who are out of work and it’s also taking a huge emotional impact and affecting daily lives and function. Depression is creeping in for many. I am able to call from my cellular device and connect with someone who needs someone to talk to, a support person, new friend, one who needs resources, who may be all alone. Wireless helps me act in support of others.
- Kim W., Asheville, NC

Memory is wireless

Wireless gives me the opportunity to begin to heal from the death of my mother. She was my best friend. Thank you wireless for giving me the opportunity to keep her memory alive. Each time I am able to put my thoughts and /or feelings down into digitalized print in loving tribute to her allows her memory to remain alive a little bit longer.
- Lesli D., Tyler, TX

Have a story to share? We’d love to help you share it. Tell us why wireless matters to you.

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