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Digital Goods

Digital Goods


We buy digital goods on our cellphones all the time—like apps, music and ringtones, movies, TV episodes, e-books and video games. Digital goods have become increasingly important to our daily lives, but at the state level they are all taxed differently depending on inconsistent tax code and varying product definitions.

A patchwork of tax code across the country could mean paying taxes two, three or even more times for the same product. This type of system is unacceptable as it unfairly and inequitably levies excessive or duplicative taxes, taking money directly out of our pockets.

How A Digital Goods Tax Works

Before you know it, you could be triple-taxed on a single digital product.


We need a fair tax system to ensure our digital goods purchases are not taxed more than once on each purchase.

What We Want

Congress must enact legislation that prevents digital goods purchases from being subjected to multiple and discriminatory taxes.

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