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911 Fees

911 Fees


It is vitally important to public safety that all Americans have access to emergency systems.

Most states collect 911 fees on wireless services to support 911 operations. These operations include how 911 operators swiftly receive and respond to emergency communication. Appropriate allocation of these fees, and transparency in how these fees are used, is mission critical to public safety.

However, some state or local governments have inappropriately raided 911 funds and have used that money on other services. This approach is unacceptable, jeopardizing the quality and standard of service desperately needed from 911 operations.


Policymakers must protect 911 funds to ensure they are used for their designated purpose helping keep citizens safe.

What We Want

We support policies that mandate fees collected for 911 emergency communication services are only used for that purpose.

We oppose policies that increase 911 fees beyond what is specifically needed to support the costs to establish and maintain emergency systems.

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