Why the AIRWAVES Act Matters

5G, Spectrum

At ACTwireless, one of the many items we track are policies that help consumers across the United States get connected.   

We support increased access to wireless and enhancing current connectivity. A crucial step in this effort is an increase of available spectrum and the creation of a reliable pipeline of spectrum. This will ensure that we can support the connected devices of TODAY  (We <3 video streaming!)—and tomorrow.  

Potential of 5G

Recently, policymakers came together to discuss the benefits of 5G, and how policies that support more available spectrum will help us get there. Here are some examples of the 5G benefits they talked about:

  1. 5G can change the way we think about healthcare by providing the necessary bandwidth to support advanced telehealth services.
  2. Enhanced technology can help improve transportation. Smart traffic lights, for example, have already resulted in a 40.0% reduction in wait time for vehicles over 4G networks.
  3. Access to advanced wireless services could create more access to educational resources like virtual reality.

Additionally, the analytics firm Accenture highlights that “…telecom operators are expected to invest approximately $275 billion in infrastructure, which could create up to 3 million jobs and boost GDP by $500 billion.”

We Support the AIRWAVES Act

Congress is talking about the need for increased spectrum, spectrum’s importance to connectivity, and its importance to winning the global race to 5G.

The Advancing Innovation and Reinvigorating Widespread Access to Viable Electromagnetic Spectrum (AIRWAVES) Act accomplishes three things: First, it sets a timeline for making available a series of spectrum bands. Second, it sets aside a portion of auction proceeds to help augment rural connectivity. And third, it sets guidelines that will help free up underused federal spectrum for commercial use.

The regulatory certainty outlined in the AIRWAVES Act is crucial to making more spectrum available for 5G, and the tremendous benefits that we will see with 5G.

We need to plan now for the wireless devices of the future, and the AIRWAVES Act is a great step in getting us there.