Summer Learning Can Be Fun at Any Age

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Summer is a great time to reset and refresh. And thanks to the latest wireless technology, there are so many ways we can stimulate our minds while we unwind this summer! Whether you are a seasoned student, or interested in learning something new—education doesn’t have to take a break during the summer. Here are some wireless tips for a happier and healthier brain:

  1. Read 15 minutes every day. Studies suggest reading just 15 minutes a day improves adult cognition and can help students see accelerated reading gains. Stay engaged with reading apps and library apps to easily take books on the go.
  2. Learn a foreign language the easy way. Make learning a new language fun and exciting for you and your family by downloading a language-learning app.
  3. Learn restaurant-worthy recipes with your family. Awaken your inner chef and take a cooking lesson with cooking apps. You can study new dishes wirelessly with easy-to-follow recipes and mobile cookbooks.
  4. Take a virtual tour and get inspired. Discover something new (or old!) with a virtual museum visit to the Smithsonian’s Museum of Natural History, tours from NASA, or a visit to the Louvre.
  5. Help kids make up for learning loss with tutoring.Pandemic learning may have been a challenge this year, or perhaps you have a student who just wants to get ahead! While school is out, these interactive learning, math homework helper, and studying apps can help.

Mobile technology has made a real impact, especially during the past 16 months of the pandemic, in keeping students of every age connected. And with public-private partnerships bringing access to millions of students in need of a broadband connection, the future of student connectivity is looking brighter than ever… and not just because of the summer sun!

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