Save the Planet? Use a Smartphone

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The secret is out—smartphones are giving us the opportunity to reduce our environmental impact.

We’ve been given this whole new realm of possibilities through innovation in wireless technologies. Now, we have the capability to access information that can help us use our natural resources, like energy and water, more efficiently.

For example, for homeowners looking to reduce their water usage and save money, you can now install an app called Buoy, which allows you to control your water main from your smartphone. Using artificial intelligence, users can see when and how much water is being used on their smartphone.

And it’s not just Buoy, it’s other app makers who are allowing you to control your home’s energy output, thermostats, and much more right off of your smartphone.

Making small changes like this is easy—downloading an app takes only a few moments, but because of a tiny change controlled by your phone, you’re reducing your energy footprint significantly. That’s something to be proud of.

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