Meet Matthew: ACTwireless Advocate Passionate About Wireless Accessibility & Availability

5G, Accessibility

“Like most small rural states, it’s like we’re forgotten,” says Matthew. As a longtime resident of Vermont, disability and ACTwireless advocate Matthew knows firsthand the benefits wireless brings to him and his community. From strengthening the local workforce to motivating more people to move to Vermont, “Wireless technology is an opportunity and I see a lot of positive impact it can bring to my community,” he continues.

According to a Pew Research Center report, Americans want flexibility and options when it comes to deciding how to connect digitally. That means meeting Americans with broadband solutions that reflect their needs and how they use their broadband connections. And that means wireless. With enterprise and government investment, we are at a crossroads to bridge the digital divide, reaching more unserved areas than ever before.

Here is Matthew’s Story: