How to Protect Myself from Cyber Attacks During a Crisis


Cybersecurity threats can occur at any time. As world events continue to pose a potential cyber risk to Americans, it’s critical to take steps to brush up on your cybersecurity. Here are some easy ways to quickly protect yourself from potential cyber threats:

Turn on automatic updates on your wireless devices. Your wireless provider includes critical software updates on your mobile, tablet, and wearable devices. These updates often include the latest security fixes. This is your first line of defense against cyber attacks. Check your device settings and make sure your software is updated automatically on your Android and Apple devices.

If you get a text message or email from an unknown sender, do not click. Do not open links sent from phone numbers and suspicious email addresses you do not recognize. It might be a phishing scam or malicious malware.

Don’t know them? Report them. If you receive a suspicious text message, you can alert your wireless provider by copying the text message and forwarding it to SPAM (7726). You’ll receive a text asking you to share the phone number. This step could help protect others from scam texts.

Create strong passwords. Make sure you use unique passwords that make it hard for cybercriminals to guess. Do your best not to use the same one for multiple accounts. If a cybercriminal accesses your account using your same login information, your other accounts could be compromised if you use the same password. If you need help, here are tips for creating strong passwords.

Be wary of fake QR codes. While some QR codes can be very helpful, such as restaurant menus or plane boarding passes, some malicious actors are now creating fake QR codes in order to hack your personal information. Do not scan or download QR codes from places you do not know. Also, refrain from downloading an app from a QR code.

We live our lives on our wireless devices. Protecting yourself against cyber attacks is the best way to keep your digital neighborhood safe. Be sure to stay tuned to ACTwireless to learn more about protecting your wireless device and to stay up-to-date on wireless policies that matter to you the most!