Green Thumbs on Wireless Technology

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National Gardening Week is here. In today’s wireless age, you might leave one hand in the dirt and the other holding your smartphone. Be-leaf me when I tell you that wireless trends and technology are changing the way you garden.

Let these tips serve as encourage-mint to help you incorporate technology in your gardening practice:

Download gardening apps. Wondering what the succulents on your neighbor’s porch are? Or do you forget to fertilize your garden? Apps like GKH Gardening Companion can lettuce maintain healthy gardens even when you might forget. You can also use the app’s journal features to track and share your garden’s progress.

Begin or improve your home compost. Apps like ShareWaste connect people who are looking to recycle their food scraps and other organics with seasoned home composters who are already ahead of the game. Now you can create organic fertilizer for your soil while getting to know the neighbors around you!

Use a smart plant monitor. With technology like smart plant monitors and smart gardens, you can garden more efficiently while being mindful of your carbon footprint. Most smart plant monitors are simply placed in the soil and it is wirelessly connected to your device through an corresponding app. How much moisture is in your soil? Let your smart plant monitor app on your phone tell you.

Visit a botanical garden or arboretum. Take some thyme off from working with your greens, and check out a local or botanical garden in your area. Arboretums are another great option since nearly every major city in the country is a home to one.  Apps like Pl@ntNet identify a plant when you take a picture. Strolling through an arboretum or botanical garden while guessing the names of some greens could be an activity on your day off!

Curate a garden with Virtual Reality (VR). If you’re not one for the outdoors, you can romaine on your couch for this one. VR tech like Oculus Quest Nature Treks VR allows you to tend your virtual garden, explore the wilderness, and look for plants. Many VR headsets are now capable of streaming and storing PC VR games. This feature gives users freedom of movement since they are no longer bound to a PC.

There are so many ways we can enjoy our hobbies in the garden while staying connected. Send photos of your garden’s progress to your loved ones, exchange compost materials, and share the beauty of having a green thumb. Wireless brings our communities closer to one another as we foster relationships through shared activities—like gardening! Stay tuned to ACTwireless for the latest wireless tech trends and policies that matter to you the most. Did we miss a wireless gardening trend? Send us a Tweet @ACTwireless!