Father’s Day Gift Guide

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It feels like we just purchased Mother’s Day gifts, and yet it’s already time for Father’s Day. Here are some ideas for the man who has everything or the man who is just plain hard to buy for. And as a little reward for reading, we’re throwing in some Dad Jokes as well. Enjoy!

  • Wireless endoscope: For hard to see places, a wireless endoscope is a great tool that connects right to your smartphone and projects the image in the palm of your hands. It is handy for looking under things such as a car seat or large, heavy furniture, inside things, such as vents, or around things, such as car engines and appliances. And it’s especially handy in inspecting drains to see if a pipe has a leak.

           Dad Joke #1:     I used to get so mad when my kitchen appliances leaked.

           (Now it’s just water under the fridge.)

  • Bluetooth Grill Thermometer: Bluetooth thermometers allow you to monitor your food remotely from your smartphone. Think of it as giving the gift of no more babysitting…not the kids, but the grill. The device sends an alert to the phone if the temperature drops or falls below your target, or when your meat needs attention due to internal temperature.

           Dad Joke #2:     Did you see that movie about the hot dog? It was an Oscar Weiner.

  • Headphones: Unless he just bought himself a new pair, wireless headphones are always a good idea. With new noise cancelling technology, better range, and longer-lasting batteries on the market, he can easily turn up the volume and go wire free.

           Dad Joke #3:     Question: Why did Beethoven get rid of all of his chickens?

           Answer: Because they wouldn’t stop saying Bach, Bach, Bach.

           (That’s a classic joke.)

  • Smart Coffee Maker: If Dad’s bean (get it?) skipping out on Starbucks, but is still craving a good cup of coffee, then look no farther than a smart coffee maker. With apps and smart speaker integrations, these coffee makers can schedule your next brew several hours in advance, customize brew settings, and also keep up with system maintenance.

           Dad Joke #4:     Question: Why didn’t you get him a smart coffee maker last year?

           Answer: Better latte than never!

  • Smartphone Lenses: Being stuck at home and taking long walks has meant bird watching is soaring (see what we did there?). What better way to celebrate this than with a new set of smartphone lenses? Smartphones already come with amazing cameras, but with these fun tools he can add greater magnification, wider angles, and leverage macro capabilities.

           Dad Joke #5:     Thanks for reading! We were going to put in another bird joke, but didn’t want you to quack up.