Efficiency Through Technology

5G, Trending Tech

There will be four devices for every one human being on this planet by 2020. Consumers need the wireless industry to deploy infrastructure to meet their needs and protect them unnecessary costs and regulations. That’s where we come in. Here at ACTwireless we’ve made it our mission to advocate for smart and efficient technology that protects us all.

A major factor in creating efficiency through technology is by lessening your energy footprint. There are easy ways to do this that we often don’t think of. Small adjustments go a long way. A great example is incorporating something like smart lighting into our communities. By automatically dimming public lighting when no pedestrians or vehicles are present, smart lighting can save power and reduce light pollution while still keeping neighborhoods safe.

If implemented, smart lighting could save cities across the U.S. more than $1billion per year. This isn’t only about producing light, but street lamps can also help the environment beyond just energy savings.  Smart lighting connected to a city’s broadband network can also monitor local air quality helping provide data to create better environments.

Smart lighting is just one of the many ways energy efficiency is achievable through smart technology. A 5G network enables additional low-cost connections to provide comprehensive coverage of the energy grid.

Together we can encourage lawmakers to make these changes to increase our economic growth, provide energy efficient solutions, and protect our environment.

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