Back to School? Wireless is There to Help Keep Students Connected

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In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, wireless technologies have served as a vital tool in ensuring students have continued access to their education. With a new school year quickly approaching, wireless capabilities will play a role no matter how families and students head back into the classroom. The one-size-fits-all approach to education that has been in place for generations is undergoing unprecedented change.

As some schools prepare to reopen amid the pandemic, a school district in New Jersey is employing a new technology to stay ahead of the coronavirus. In order to face some of the health challenges presented by the pandemic, The Butler School District is using wireless technology by requiring students to wear armbands with Bluetooth technology to provide daily temperature readings and other health information.

As more districts are incorporating or improving upon remote learning, teachers and administrators across the country are adapting to ensure their students receive a quality education. Teachers at Broome Street Academy in New York are working with online education portals and have created an email hotline portal so they can answer any questions families may have. Daily cellphone calls are also helping to re-teach lessons to students who may have been absent or who have follow-up questions. And virtual counseling sessions have been organized for students who typically use the service during in-person learning.

In order to address some of the challenges of remote learning, a school district in Michigan, along with many others across the country, is providing students iPads and wireless hotspots if they choose to participate in virtual learning. In addition, state, local, and federal policymakers along with wireless providers are working to address the needs of students that don’t readily have access to technology.

While education is sure to look different this school year as many teachers, students, and families adapt to the new normal, school districts across the nation are making the necessary preparations to make sure students are ready and prepared to learn. One thing is for sure, with the help of wireless capabilities students will be able to continue learning while staying healthy and safe, whether remotely or in-person.