“5G Home” Benefits Americans and Narrows the Digital Divide


5G wireless technology has proven pivotal to the way we live our lives, making our daily routines from workouts to commutes and remote work to chatting with friends even more convenient. And now, 5G Home, also known as Fixed Wireless Access (FWA), is transforming the reality of home internet for millions of Americans and narrowing the digital divide.

With the promise of high-speed connectivity without physical cables, complicated installation processes, and high prices in hard-to-reach areas, FWA has emerged as a frontrunner in home broadband service. Right now, the two fastest growing home broadband providers are wireless companies that have deployed FWA, showcasing the beneficial effects 5G Home is having across the country.

In fact, the addition of 5G FWA to the market is increasing our choice in broadband providers. Who hasn’t had a frustrating experience with a provider and then subsequently realized you have no other choice for connectivity? With FWA, increasingly there is newfound competition benefiting underserved and unserved communities, which is ensuring better customer service, more affordable prices, and increased service quality. A win, win, win for Americans across the country.

Increased Customer Satisfaction

A recent study published by J.D. Power unpacks FWA user satisfaction levels compared to other, preexisting broadband technologies, and the findings speak for themselves. Overall, FWA received the highest customer satisfaction score among the five technologies surveyed, by 20 points (on a 1,000 point scale). If you break down contributing factors, and look at cost-of-service alone, 5G Home outpaced competitors by 60 points.

More Affordable Pricing

The report notes that “as customers still wrestle with a high cost of consumer goods and inflation stubbornly hovers around 3%, cost will likely play a pivotal role in industry disruption, with all signs pointing toward more customers actively seeking out FWA.”

Expanded Access with Quality Service

In addition to FWA’s low-cost offerings, its success really comes down to regional service diversity. The JD Power report showed FWA’s satisfaction levels spanned across regional landscapes including both urban and rural populations, highlighting its diverse application and effective flexibility.

As 5G deployments continue to expand and mature, the future of FWA shows exponential growth. 5G Home offers internet inclusivity solutions in underserved communities, bolsters seamless connectivity in dense network areas, and catalyzes innovation for further use down the line. As research and user experience shows, FWA is changing the landscape for access in home broadband and it’s here to stay.