5 Wireless Ways to Entertain Children at Home that Don’t Involve Netflix

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Right about now, parents and grandparents across the country are looking for new ways to entertain kids from K-12 that don’t involve binge-watching hours of Netflix. (Sidebar: We love you Netflix!)

If you’re looking for new ways to stay engaged with your children, here are some ideas to help vary your day:

  1. Visit a Museum: Not literally. But, with any of the dozens of museums that offer virtual tours you can easily head to Washington, D.C., Paris, or Amsterdam with the tap of a finger.
  2. Go to the Zoo or the Aquarium: Again, not literally. The San Diego Zoo has an amazing series of webcams from penguins to tigers to giraffes, you can watch them live as they frolic and chase. You can also view the Monterey Bay or Georgia aquariums for adorable baby whales and sea otters.
  3. Take an art class: The Kennedy Center is hosting a livestream doodle every weekday at noon eastern time. There are also archives of previous classes that can be viewed at any time.
  4. Have a Playdate: Whether aged 5 or 15, kids need to socialize. Consider using popular video apps like Marco Polo or FaceTime to have a virtual playdate. If the child is on the younger side, perhaps a grown-up can facilitate the conversation and even babysit remotely while another parent takes a 10-minute break.
  5. Plant a garden: Let’s make this the year of beautiful yards. You can up your game by downloading the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) Invasive Species app. According to the USDA, invasive species harm native plants, wildlife, livestock and property in both rural and urban areas at a cost of about $138 billion annually. Let’s face it, it’s a great time for us to all do our part to make the world a little bit better.

P.S. Adults can do these things too! Let us know how you’re spending your days by tweeting @ACTwireless with the hashtag #WirelessEntertains. We’d love to share your ideas.