5 Ways to Enjoy Wireless Gaming This Summer

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As we’re hitting the heat of summer, many people are looking for an air-conditioned alternative to outdoor activities. Playing games on wireless devices is a great way to stay cool while having fun and while on the go. They are already extremely popular, with over 63% of online users in the United States reporting that they play games on their mobile phones. And with the evolution of 5G, wireless gaming is more advanced and faster than ever before. To ensure you don’t miss out on any of the benefits, we’ve put together five ways to make the most of wireless gaming this summer.

Grab Your VR Goggles: Once you throw on your Virtual Reality (VR) goggles, this cutting-edge technology will transport you to another world, as you’ll be able to experience and interact with the 3D landscape of the game you choose to play in real-time. Whether you’re looking to improve your Guitar Hero or golf skills, the games to choose from are endless.

Channel Your Friendly Competition: Summer vacation leaves extra time to stay connected with friends and family, so challenge your best friend to a game of Words With Friends or your neighbor to a game of Checkers.  Some of these games can even be played over text message, making the competition easier than ever.

Master the Game of Chess: As a game of strategy with more intricate rules than most games, playing chess is the perfect activity for those looking for a challenge. Whether you’re starting to learn or ready for a competitor, virtual chess is the most convenient way to play. And if you aren’t interested in chess, there are countless other classic board games, like Monopoly and Scrabble, you can play from the palm of your hand.

Download a Tried-and-True App Game: When you’re searching for in-flight entertainment or ways to keep kids busy, look no further than the app store. Beloved games like Candy Crush and Fruit Ninja can captivate your attention for hours, with a huge perk of mainly being free of charge.

Check Learning a New Language Off Your Bucket List: Before your next jet-setting adventure, use a language learning app to teach yourself the native language. Many of these apps are designed for users to participate in short, game-like exercises to make learning more fun and easier than ever.