5 Ways to Enjoy Super Bowl Weekend Wirelessly

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Whether you’re watching with friends and family—or just tuning in for the iconic commercials—there are many ways you can enjoy Super Bowl weekend wirelessly:

Start a text thread with friends and family. If you’re reacting to the referee’s bad call, celebrating a field goal, or voting for the best Super Bowl commercial, watching the big game is more fun when you share it with your friends and loved ones. Keep the conversation going with everyone in a game day text thread!

Don’t miss a minute and stream the big game on your wireless device. Take the passes and punts with you and stream the Super Bowl wirelessly.

Enjoy an immersive halftime show. You don’t need to be in the stadium to get front row seats to the halftime show. With help from the latest 5G technology and 4K cameras surrounding the stage, you can enjoy an immersive halftime show experience.

Show off and share photos of your game day snacks. When it comes to Super Bowl parties, it’s all about the appetizers and snacks and some specifically for Rams and Bengals fans. And it’s easy to get creative with themes for the big game! Get appetizer ideas and share photos of your Super Bowl spread in a text thread.

Friends and family live far away? Hop on a video call during the game! You don’t need to be in the same zip code to enjoy watching the game with your friends and loved ones. Before the game, hop on a video call and enjoy sharing every moment together.