3 New Wireless Technologies to Benefit Seniors

Accessibility, Trending Tech

Evolving technology is creating new opportunities for all individuals to stay connected, and this is especially true for seniors and their families.

Here’s a list three of the latest technologies making a difference to improve the aging experience.

  1. The Apple Watch now has fall detection that can sense hard falls and alert local emergency authorities about the incident. Recently, one man credited it for saving his father’s life after he crashed his mountain bike while in a remote location. The watch immediately called 911 and alerted his pre-loaded emergency contact, his son. This is a great fall detection solution for seniors who don’t want to wear a separate medical alert system.
  2. According to org, 9 out of 10 people want to age at home as opposed to moving to senior care centers. The Internet of Things (IoT) is helping individuals age safely at home with wireless devices and apps that can create reminders to take prescribed medications (Karie Health), manage in home security (ADP), and track vital signs (Health Line).
  3. Tech adoption among seniors is climbing, but to continue this growth and to continue to expand the number of devices that can help seniors, we must focus on expanding wireless coverage. To achieve more capacity for more IoT devices, Congress needs to make more spectrum, or invisible waves that enable wireless communications, available for commercial use.

Want to learn more? Visit the ACTwireless Spectrum page to learn more about how spectrum will support our wireless future for seniors and all Americans.