2021 Wireless Apps Designed for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Community

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As more Americans rely on wireless to live and work year over year, technology that is accessible to the deaf and hard of hearing community is more important than ever. Thankfully, wireless developers are constantly innovating and designing inclusive technologies, including accessible applications. Here are some of the latest wireless apps designed with everyone in mind:

Sound Recognition: Braci Sound Recognition & Alert can record sounds from your surroundings and provide alerts in the form of a vibration or visual signal on your smartphone when the app recognizes the sound again. For example, it can recognize a siren, fire alarm, doorbell ring, and more.

Live Transcripts: AVA Live Transcription can help capture every moment with real-time captions. Ava can caption in-person and online conversations, classes, meetings, telehealth video visits, and more. This app will transcribe words spoken aloud and it can also read typed text out loud.

Sign Language Translation: Mimix Sign Language Translator can process spoken and written words and convert them into sign language right on your smartphone. The app features a 3D avatar that can provide real-time sign language translations.

Photo courtesy of Mimix Sign Language Translator 

Whether we are keeping in touch with loved ones, purchasing items at the store, or speaking with a doctor—communication connects us all. Technology is only effective when it is accessible to and usable by all consumers, including those with hearing loss. That is why wireless innovators are designing more inclusive technology every year. Wireless technology is constantly evolving and improving the way we connect to one another. Read more about accessible wireless advancements here.